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Instagram photo and video downloader

Free Instagram Photo & Video Downloader That Really Works

IG-download is a powerful service that gives you ability to download your favorite Instagram photos and videos quickly, easily and absolutely for free. Now you don't need to install different software or search for a website that will actually work, not just promise. Here is our Instagram downloader! With its help you can save any Instagram video, photo, stories or IGTV in high quality. Just enter a URL of Instagram video or photo and click Download!

Unlimited Instagram Downloader

IG-Download is a great online service that is totally free of annoying ads and also downloads are free! You can download Instagram videos in high quality whenever you want! Downloading Photos and stories is also unlimited.

Support of Multiple Browsers and Platforms

Our online downloading service supports all popular web browsers. You can use the IG video downloader online on PC or Smartphone and you don't need to choose between Google Chrome or Opera, Safari or Firefox.

Download Instagram Video in High Quality

IG-Downloader gives you ability to save HD Instagram video in MP4 format. It is the one of the most popular type of video file today. You just need to paste a link of Instagram video into the search box and click the Download button.

 No Restrictions

You dont need to register here to download video from Instagram. Our online service doesn’t require your personal data. We don’t ask you to pay for any of this features. It’s totally free but still very simple, fast and efficient!

How to download your favorite Instagram photos and videos with IG-Downloader

Free & fast downloading of Instagram videos and photos within few seconds


Step 1 - Copy a URL of Instagram post

Copy a link of post from Instagram app or web version.
On App: Tap on "more options", then tap on "Copy Share URL".
Web: Open Instagram post and copy link from URL bar.


Step 2 - Enter a URL of this post to the input box

Paste a link of Instagram post, and click "Download" button. From the list of results choose picture or video that you want.


Step 3 - Download Photo and Video

Just click on "Download" button and content will be saved on your device immediately. If post contains few pictures you can choose only those that you interested in.

Download videos from Instagram on your mobile device


Instagram Downloader for Android

Download Instagram videos and photos directly on your Android device. With IG-Download online service you can do it on any device that supports Internet browser.


Instagram Downloader for IOS

If you want to download IGTV, videos or photos from Instagram and store them directly on your iPhone or any other IOS device, IG-Download allow you to do it.

IG-Download F.A.Q.

You can do it easily with our service. You will see all photos of Instagram post and will be able to download photos and videos that you want.

Instagram doesn't want you to download video or photo on your device because they will lose visits and profit from adwertisement, but anyway, it's not illegal to download Instagram content for personal use.
IG-Download service respects rights of owners and strongly advises not to to use videos and photos without owners agreement.

It is 100% safe to download videos and photos with IG-Download. We, obviously, can not be responsible for the downloaded Instagram content, because we don't own it, but we can guarantee perfect safety of our online service.

You don't need to create an account to use this service, so IG-Download is absolutely anonimous. We don't collect any data about you or your Instagram account, or videos and photos you download or anything else.

There is no limitation on our service, you can download as many Instagram videos and photos as you want. All videos will be downloaded in original quality.

Yes, this is absolutely free online Instagram downloader that you can use without any thoughts about bills. Also, this downloader doesn’t have any demo limitations, you are able to download video in HD quality or high quality photo right from the start.

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